Capt Jack



Capt Jack has been able to reach places most people have never seen.


Writing based on 35 years in Alaska and the Bering Sea. Adventure, struggles, life in the last frontier.


Keep an eye out for the latest from Jack. Adventures never end.


Jack regularly speaks to large crowds. If you’re looking for fascinating presentation, contact Capt Jack

“You can’t make this stuff up”

Capt Jack

Captain Jack


“You are the highlight of my day! Your amazing photos and unique way with words are magical. Plus, I learn interesting facts every time.”

Colette de Lottinville

“Jack Molan is an extremely talented photographer with an eye for detail. His ability to capture the emotion of his subjects and the beautiful scenery is truly a magical talent that only Jack Molan has! Jack’s narrative pieces he includes with his photography are exceptional and makes you feel as though you are there experiencing the moment.”

Kitty Novack

Keep posting, your images are fabulous. We heard you speak in San Carlos a few years back, you hooked us with your pictures and hearing of your adventures, and your respect for our great earth

Katie Madigan Patchin