I take an eagle for a walk. photo Christian Sasse

Why I love what I do?

I was drawn to the Bering Sea as a young man. The risks, the money, and the freedom all fired me up! Could I make it? Would I survive? I had to find out!

My maiden voyage was in 1980, and I became a Captain in 1987. My 30 years running a 123’ vessel in all seasons gave me a lifetime of stories and adventures. Photography and speaking grew from a natural desire to share my experiences. Few people ever see what I do. Posting on Facebook, from the remote Aleutian Islands, generated a lot of excitement! It was in this time that my love for photography, writing, and speaking developed.

During my years as a Captain, I sought to know why some succeeded and others failed. In the face of brutal Bering Sea winters, I watched
fellow Captains struggle with tremendous pressures from storms,intense competition, separation from families, sleep deprivation, accidents, loss, and poor health. Some succeeded, but many flamed out, all on the same ocean in similar boats. Why? What made the difference?

This is where the inspiration for my writing and speaking comes from. My presentations cover a wide range of topics, including:

• Leadership Magnified

• Managing Your Fears

• Adventures on Edge

• Wonders of Nature

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