“Don’t just survive. Learn to thrive!”

Capt. Jack Molan: Speaker & Author from the edge


Captain Jack fished the remote Aleutian Islands for thirty-five years. Starting on the 123- foot Marco fishing boat Columbia as a greenhorn deckhand in the king crab boom era of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, he rose to captain of the same vessel in 1987.

Jack gives readers the insider’s view of the sometimes harrowing, yet satisfying, fisherman’s life in the northern seas on the Columbia, in brutal winters and foggy summers until 2013, and he describes maneuvering through the ice-covered Arctic waters on the research vessel Norseman II in 2014 and 2015. Over the last few summer seasons,  Jack has also captained the “Deadliest Catch” vessels Aleutian Ballad and Cornelia Marie.

And family life? Captain Jack shows how separation from loved ones and reconnecting with “normal” on land can be a challenge. Anytime he could, he brought his family along. His wife, son, and both daughters have all worked on and around the Bering Sea.  Jack has recently left the sea captain’s life to be an author and public speaker.




“With 34 years in the Bering Sea.

I have images and stories

I love to share.

Please enjoy!”

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