Capt. Jack not only survived, he thrived in ferocious winds, killer waves, and deadly ice flows on the Bering and Arctic Seas. Yet he’s but a small part of a much greater story. Wild Alaska Pollock, the story he brings back from the edge, will blow you away!

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Capt. Jack lives with Joanne, his wife of 43 years, on a classic motor yacht. His 3 adult children and wife have all worked in the fishing industry in Alaska. Their son Gus came to Alaska at 8 years old. He’s now Capt. of an elite Bering Sea Trawler. “My story is truly a family thing.” Capt. Jack commanded the F/V Columbia,  a 123-foot fishing vessel for 28 years. He’s also captained the “Deadliest Catch” boats Aleutian Ballad and Cornelia Marie, and Arctic research vessel Norseman II.