Keep it light, enjoy a miracle.

The miracle of blogging?  (My first blog) The feather is a great example of the simplicity of miracles. The functions of a feather are so varied, so demanding, yet they are a light and beautiful reminder of nature’s wonder. We live around miracles every day, they float by unnoticed, perhaps right in front of us.

Can you hold onto a miracle?

What have I missed by having my nose buried in my phone? In all their forms feathers provides a fantastic coat (think of down coats), insulates against the cold, heat, rain and sun. Feathers lift its owner skyward, or bring him softly to land. So much of what we do is heavy, weighty, important. A feather accomplishes great things, yet is so light, the user is not burdened by it. For now I will see if I can learn how to use wordpress without committing hair kari!   My Facebook page has been very active and well visited over the years. Click here

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Simplicity of a miracle

I hope it becomes a real pleasure posting here, as it has on my FB page. The joy comes to me from all the wonderful responses I receive. What a cool thing to do, we can connect around the world and share common interest and dreams together. Soon I will be making this a healthy habit, to be up and running on the SEO and meta data, the slug stop URL’s and the tags, the categories and formats, the pages and profiles. Whats a home slider? Or a dashboard? Anyone got any guess? I am launched out of my comfort zone and into cyber space, one step behind the eight ball, but will be rolling just the same. After it is all said and done, I certainly hope not many read this. This is test blog, or did I mention that?