What happens when you want spend six months of the year enjoying the surf without a worry in the world?

But, you need money to live?

You work the other six months of the year on fishing boats.

The Story Behind the Captain, the Book, and the Photography

In this suburb video you’ll get to meet Captain Jack himself.

Jack Molan began his career on a fishing trawler, first as a deckhand then working his way up to an engineer.

And, in 1987, he captained his first boat.

You’ll discover what motivated Jack to share his life on the Bering Sea with others.

How he created photographs, and social media posts that have amassed a following in the tens of thousands.

Hear how Jack Molan’s fishing career started as a means to an end, and ended up transforming his life into author, speaker and photographer.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up – The Beginning

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