You Can’t Make This Stuff Up – What the Other Captains Say About Jack Molan

Currently on tour of the Great 48 States, Jack Molan is presenting his adventures of the Bering Sea and talking about his book – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

While you are waiting for Jack and his wife, Joanne, to come to a town near you why not find out what the other captains had to say.

Here are the opening passages from Jack’s book –

“Jack stands [out] in my mind as one of the captains [who]…thought outside of the box to…[harvest]…fish in the most efficient way and deliver the highest quality product. He was a pleasure to work with and always presented a positive attitude in a high-stress environment.”

— Dave Abbasian, Western Alaska Operations, Trident Seafoods Corporation

“I have…watched [ Jack] turn young greenhorns into seasoned deckhands, and [those] deckhands into old salts. Combine that with a lifetime on the water and surfing in… many countries, [ Jack is] truly a waterman’s waterman. The Bering Sea is not the same without Jack in it.”

— Captain Jim Howard

You Can't Make This Stuff Up - What the Other Captains Say About Jack Molan

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up – What the Other Captains Say About Jack Molan

“For years I had the pleasure of working alongside Capt. Jack Molan and his lovely wife, Joanne. We looked forward to having Capt. Jack come alongside to offload his catch because his fish were the best we ever processed. Also, he always saved three to four…king salmon for me to smoke! I’m retired now, and I miss those summer days visiting with… Joanne and Capt.  Jack. We have a lot of sea stories to tell.”

— Captain Joe Pirak

“[In my thirty-three years working  in the Bering Sea], [a]long the way there have been certain captains that [have] had great, positive, and lasting influence on my career as well as the decisions I make every day to keep my crew safe and boat afloat in some of the most treacherous waters in the world. One of the most influential…is  Captain Jack Molan’s guidance was both appreciated and respected as his many years at the helm, with an exemplary  safety record, were extremely valuable to myself or anyone on my deck…Thank you, Captain Jack, for all your thoughtful instructions and advice. My boat and crew are safer because of you!

— Captain Simon E. Burn, from the wheelhouse of Ocean Hope 3