The Fisherman and the Physicist Live Event

Come along and join this fascinating live event.

Captain Jack Molan speaks with Christian Sasse about their love of photography, and in particular, capturing images of breath-taking eagles.

In March of 2015, Jack Molan, fishing boat captain, met Christian Sasse, world-renown wildlife and astronomy photographer.

They met in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and struck up a close friendship.

In this live event, both Jack and Christian will share their amazing shots of eagles, and Captain Jack will share his new book, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up – stories from his time as fishing boat captain on the Bering Sea.

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The Fisherman and the Physicist – Eagles in Dutch Harbor, Alaska

The Fisherman and the Physicist Share Stunning Eagle Photos

Stunning Eagle Photos

Christian Sasse

Professional photographer Christian Sasse of is truly universal when it comes to photography. His experience is varied and his expertise vast; he photographs things both on our planet and outside of it, capturing objects in numerous different sizes, from millimeter scale, like bees flying in high resolution, to entire galaxies.

His work was recently featured on the cover of Canadian Outdoor Photography and his photography was also the focus the magazine’s feature article for the same issue. In particular, Christian is an avid eagle photographer, a passion that was ignited in 2011, four years after having moved to British Colombia. Christian then noticed the eagles in his neighborhood and found himself incredibly intrigued by their size, eloquence, and beauty. This inspired him to purchase a camera suited for bird photography, a Nikon D80, and take up photographing the eagles.

Check out Christian’s stunning photography on Sasse Photo

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The Fisherman and the Physicist – Eagles in Dutch Harbor, Alaska