The Great 48 State Tour

The Great 48 State Tour!

Capt Jack 48 State Tour 2017
Capt Jack 48 State Tour 2017

Meet Jack and Joanne


Jack was a deep sea fishing boat captain for over 30 years in the Bering Sea, even captaining a boat featured on Deadliest Catch.  Now he, and Joanne are embarking on a speaking tour.

Jack and Joanne are covering all 48 States sharing Jack’s adventures on the high seas.

The tour is launching next week, and you’ll be able to not only hear about Jack’s amazing adventures, but get a signed copy of his book – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Capt Jack 48 State Tour 2017


Outside is where you will find Joanne, whether doing an adventure, warming up to a fire with friends or family, or listening to music.

Asian food tops my list, as does a good deal. I’m always looking to experience something out of the ordinary, something colorful, a secret spot.  My travels have taken me to 40 countries and a 10 year residency in Mexico.

Family is my top priority, as well as my spirituality, my physical well-being and connection with others.  I have been happily married for 36 years, have three grown kids and two beautiful grandkids. I simply love life!

Coming to a Town Near You!

The Great 48 State Tour is Coming to a Town Near You – Click Here to Check out the Dates!