20/20 will reveal the #islandeagleclans epic story. I’ll post portions of their story as I write. Thanks for your patience. The magnificent eagles grow weary, they want their story told! 

Tigaldo – Young Bald Eagle The Island Eagle Clans

Tigalda, a young bald eagle, intensely studied the ragged cliff edge supporting his talons. His heartbeat slowed. Perched next to his best friend Sanak, he raised his head to assess the blue sky over Amaknak Island.

His eyes were transfixed on the Bering Sea fog piled up at the cliff base. “Oh yeah, I’m stoked,” he told Sanak. “These are perfect conditions.”

Sanak tilted his head, squinting into the brilliant sunshine. Then he dropped his gaze to the emerald green slope behind them that led to a gravel beach. “Perfect for what?”

“Check it out!” Tigalda nodded toward the towering cliff, shrouded in bright gray mist. “The setup is perfect! An empty wall begging us to rip across the jagged face.”