Capt. Jack may be coming to crisis in his digital career!

In my attempts to build a web-site, one that I hope pleases, I need to decide how to present it.

So, I have boiled it down to 4 major themes.

People ask me. “What will you write about Capt. Jack?” and “What are you speaking on?”

These are great questions and ones that need to be addressed.

Capt. Jack  Photographer

immature bald eagle

Seriously young

  Capt. Jack, Writer/Author


Writing Books

Capt. Jack, Public Speaker


Speaking to Princess Cruise ship guests

Capt. Jack Blogger




Perhaps I can pose a question.

How should I label all this into a single word?

Writer/speaker/photographer/blogger, this what I do, but is it what I am?

Adventurer, Seeker, Vagabond, Scallywag?

Stay tuned for more of the life out on the edge in my latest book:

“You can’t make this stuff up!”