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Kind words keep a guy going, thank you all!

Aleutian Islands, Bering Sea, Alaska.

I recently heard Jack speak on a cruise ship in Alaska. I didn’t know much about Deadliest Catch other than snippets I’d seen here and there so I honestly didn’t know anything about him. Now I do. He’s fantastic! Engaging, entertaining and genuine. He’s got great stories and conveys them in a captivating manner without sounding boastful or arrogant. He’s an authentically nice guy and his photography is second to none!

Rick Lull

Captain Jack Molan Photography
Captain Jack with a King Crab


Hi there, we really enjoyed the show!  You did an awesome job, you were personable, engaging with the customers and your help to me was awesome!  Things like that were done because you are a great individual and not because you had to.

Thanks again!! Carl

Captain Jack Molan Photography


Awe-inspiring talk that had our full attention the entire time. Sharing your real life experiences, your amazing photos, videos & especially your teasers for your up & coming work has us all on our seats edge. What I liked most was your passion for what you do and your realism. We stayed after just to talk and get our photo with you! Thank you and may you continue to be blessed and inspired to touch people’s lives!!  ?

The Riley Family, Erda, Utah, Princess Emerald Alaska June 18-25, 2017

These are excellent photographs.I love Ravens for all the same reasons as you do. As your narrative on Ravens expands, I look forward to more stories about them and ultimately a book about them. Let’s see there is the Eagle Klan, The Raven Klan, The Polar Bear Klan, and on and on. Your story telling could expand, covering all your Alaskan Animal Experiences. Before you know it, you could be working with National Geographic and The Animal Planet 🙂

Regards, Gary

Thank You Capt Jack for all the pictures that you share and the stories you tell.You have opened a world that many people would never have seen.

Thank you again, Pat Kellams

These are incredible. I’d be screaming like a little excited girl if I saw them like this. Many thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

Linda Louise

Your generosity in sharing your wonderful images and stories of northern fishing, magestic Eagles and rarely seen Ravens are so much appreciated!  You take us to your world with such clarity that it leaves us amazed!

As the wife of a BC gillnetter fisherman,  there is always worry of storms and mishaps but nothing in comparison to the storms and images of your times in the Aleutians!  You give us insight into a world we  have never seen or could have imagined!  We look forward to your wonderful photos and stories!

So thank you for taking us with you!

Linda Moore

Captain Jack is beautifully visual writer and speaker. His topics are those he truly loves and you walk away with a profound sense of love and respect for the stories he tells, the photographs he takes, and experiences he has. The world needs more of this man.

Stacy Sloan, Blue Springs, MO

I need my daily Jack posts, his Eagle pictures are so much closer than mine!!!


I’ve not seen you in person but I absolutely love your Eagle stories and am anxiously awaiting the books release!!

Cheryl, San Jose California

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos taken over the years, and the wonderful stories written from your private experiences, and experiences of other friends of yours on ships.  Most of us would never be able to understand what it is like to be on a fishing boat, in rough waters and all.  Thanks to you, your stories, and love of photography….we are gifted your life events.

You have a way with words, Jack, you seem to “feel” what an animal might be thinking or feeling and you are able to relay that feeling to your readers.  We were lucky enough to meet you, while we were visiting in Alaska on a cruise ship, and went onboard the boat as an excursion.  You, and you team, have such respect for wildlife and people, wanting OUR experiences to be unique and everlasting.

I was thinking the other day, how cool it would be to have someone like you, come onboard a cruise ship as the “expert” telling stories, sharing photos, on days they have presentations. Oh what a joy it would be to have someone so experienced with so many stories and photos to share.   A local’s point of view.  It WOULD be standing room only.  Word would travel fast not to miss Capt. Jack’s seminars. It also helps that you are easy on the eyes…tee hee 🙂

Your love of nature, people, travel experiences, love of LIFE is appreciated.  You are a joy to be connected with and we look forward to more of your life experiences.

Respectfully, a fan, Charlene Compson

I haven’t been lucky enough yet to see Capt Jack (Molan) speak in person–(although it is at the top of my Bucket List), but I have been a fb follower of his for a few years and have learned that one of Jack’s main attributes is his curiosity and he follows it, learns about whatever subject calls to him, and then enjoys sharing it with whomever is willing to listen. It seems Jack has a few natural traits that most of us have to work hard to do well: his photography is outstanding, his imagination sees the beauty in some very harsh surroundings, and he loves to share it all with enthusiasm. He’s also got the background of having worked for years at some of the most challenging and exciting jobs in the world and relates his adventures like the best of the story tellers–with creativity and great love and appreciation for all he’s experienced.Thank you for such awesome pictures and stories about our sea life and what it is like to experience your adventures. I enjoy each and every story. I look forward to them every time I open my email.

Thank you ever so much, Cheryl

I can’t say enough about Captain Jack’s stories and photographs. These are not only pictures of his many incredible adventures, they are also a glimpse of a life that very few get blessed enough to live. He draws one in with his insight and understanding of nature.

Dee Peterson

What’s the perfect way to start my day? A good cup of coffee and an email from Capt Jack! His photos and stories make me laugh, and sometimes cry, but never cease to touch my soul. I appreciate sharing his journey with him!

Carlene Hughes

Thank you Jack, for all the stories and pictures. As a retired Alaska fisherman, often missing it, this is the best way to revisit my 25 years of commercial fishing. Beating ice off the boat, is not what I miss, but the amazing friendships, earned in tight quarters 24/7.

Paul Toftemark

I love Capt. Jack’s pics, they are so personal, one on one basis with these majestic creatures that he shares with all of us to understand the world they survive in… Thank you Capt. Jack…  ? ? Your stories enhanced the situations wonderfully… God bless you always!

? Pauline Styles

Always enjoy the pictures and the stories behind the pictures that brings them to life even more from Captain Jack. It’s amazing to see “life” from someone else’s world. Thank you for sharing with us.

Michelle DaWalt

Very few photographers catch the details of wildlife like you do, Jack Molan. I look forward to your photographs and the next story you write to go with them. Hopefully, you’ll stop in Dallas during your 48 state tour this summer so I can hear you speak. All these things keep my life interesting and I look forward to more of each.

Thanks Kyle Wascher Dvorak

I love not only Jack’s photos but also the captions and stories that accompany them. I love how he captures those fierce and sometimes comical faces of the eagles. I can almost feel the brutal cold of the freezing weather. I feel fortunate that he shares his gifts with us.

Thanks Jack! Jackie Brutto

When I read Captain Jack’s stories and see his photography, it takes me to a different place…a magical place with the Majestic Eagles!! I forget the days troubles and find myself wanting more always!! Thank you for sharing your talent!!

Susan Behrens-Wunsch

Captain Jack is one who reached us with pictures and stories. The living beings come to life as if your are standing there with him. We are thankful for your stories which also paint a picture of the adventures you experience.

Thanks so, Jerry-Deborah Pieretti

Thank’s so much to Capt. Jack Molan for his wonderful and beautiful photos. His narrative around each photo make me live the moment around each photo. He has a very especial way to narrate the moment. Thank You so much Capt. Molan, Rogelio Rogel M

I enjoy seeing the pictures of places I will never be able to go, and Capt. Jack’s writing draws me right in. His descriptions of what he is seeing puts me right beside him! Thanks Captain!

Kay Ackerknecht

Capt Jacks photographs and stories about his adventures at sea and particularly his relationship with nature–the weather, the birds, animals, people—are great.  I so look forward to more as well as his forthcoming fiction book about the eagle clans. Many thanks.

Betty Sonnega

Keep posting, pictures are fabulous. Heard you speak in San Carlos a few years back, you hooked us with your pictures and hearing of your adventures, and your respect for our great earth. Thanks much!

Katie Madigan Patchin

I love Capt. Jack Molan’s photos! They are very artistic and beautiful! His photos are interesting and magnificent! I wish I could purchase many of Jack’s photos! He is a consummate professional!

Marsha Goddard

You are the highlight of my day! Your amazing photos and unique way with words are magical. Plus, I learn interesting facts every time.

Colette de Lottinville

I love your photos and stories. What an amazing perspective. I especially love the eagles but truly enjoy all your posts.

Cassandra Johnson

I love your photographs, wildlife is beautiful to observe, and we can live vicariously through you and your pics.

Thanks Jane drudge-Petersen

Never been to that part of the world. Love being exposed to the beauty and stories by the talented Captain Jack Molan.

Krysie James  ?

I love all the photographs and the stories about your life with Eagles in the fascinating Aleutian Islands!

Harriet Huddle

I love Capt Jack pictures… his stories that come along with his photos bring them to life for me.

Thanks Alisa Curts Morehouse

You’re the best Capt Jack. Those eagles are lined up waiting for an expert photo. The younger ones forced to the end of the line.

Denise Finch

Your photos are amazing and the subjects also. You make everything real with your stories.

Thanks so much! Beth Cheatwood

I have seen things I never would have had the opportunity to see. Learned about the sea and the life of a fisherman in the harsh and beautiful Berling Sea. Thru Capitan Jack’s vibrant descriptions he has made the sea come to life. When he writes about nature and his experiences.

I love it! Laurie Adams

Excellent writer and photographer! Each event brightens my day! I look forward to keep up with Captain Jack!

Thanks so much! Donna Strickland Grubbs

Jack Molan is an extremely talented photographer with an eye for detail. His ability to capture the emotion of his subjects and the beautiful scenery is truly a magical talent that only Jack Molan has! Jack’s narrative pieces he includes with his photography are exceptional and makes you feel as though you are there experiencing the moment.

Kitty Novack