Umnak “The Judge” warily scanned the flyways for other eagles from his perch–a World War II lookout, carved into the edge of the cliff.

Umnak the Judge

Similar relics dotted the Aleutian Islands—weather beaten, dilapidated concrete boxes, crumbling from time and weather.

Umnak, known to the clans as The Judge, stubbornly remained alone, exposed to the savage weather as the walls deteriorated around him.

With a sparkle in his eye, Umnak’s head tilted to his visitor.

“Well, Rootok, do you have a nice fat cod fish for one so deserving?”

Rootok fluffed his feathers to preen, watching Umnak.

With a chuckle he said, “You think I’d pass up a codfish just to bring it to you, Ol’ Codger?”