Update 2 – The Great 48 State Tour

Into their second week, Jack and Joanne pit their wits against storms, and find traveling by road not unlike navigating the Bering Sea.

Here are some snippets from their trip…


Not every stay is paradise, but the welcome mat is out. After torrential rains and mega lightning across the prairie, we stopped near the Nebraska border in a secure flat spot, had to fix a leak (solar panel wire seeping).

Just like stopping for repairs on a boat…. Have high speed internet, furnace warming us, warm food, cold beer, Pandora streaming. And a Netfix tonight… Amazing really!

The Great 48 State Tour

On Tour

Handyman in Deed!

Repairs at sea. Some things can’t wait till you get secure to the dock and have everything you need at hand. A fisherman has to be a plumber, electrician, mechanic, welder, fitter, painter, splicer, cook, navigator, communicator, computer hack, on and on. Then the gear needs to be built and repaired, set and hauled, fish to chill and deliver…there are no contractors to call at sea.
Following a blinding rain storm, water found it’s way inside the van. We pulled over, Joanne went and bought a pack of Juicy Fruit Gum (in memory of her pop). I yanked wires with a Swiss Army knife and Leatherman tool to plug the leak. All night it poured, and we awoke to no leaks! We can continue this trip, and make proper repairs later.
The Great 48 State Tour
Repairs on the Road


In NW Iowa. Spending the night parked next to the Buffalo Pen. The Barn rocked with good people, good wine, and awesome music. Joanne and I felt like friends rather than newbies.
The Great 48 State Tour

Great music and great people

The awesome staff and family at Little Swan Lake Winery, they got a book and we got new friends. 
The Great 48 State Tour

Little Swan Lake Winery


After crossing Iowa, into Minnesota, and down to Wisconsin. Much of the trip the rain ripped so hard it became hard to see the road. 
Sitting on hill over looking the Mississippi river, I autograph books by candlelight for those who requested them. We’ll find a small town tomorrow and send them off.
Our tin tent continues to protect and transport us in good fashion
The Great 48 State Tour

Signing copies by candlelight

South Dakota

Clearing slowly, the view became magnificent. Leaders know they cannot see too far ahead. Like driving a car at night, only able to see a short ways ahead, but we can cross the continent with just headlights to show the way.
The Great 48 State Tour

Mount Rushmore

Chicago, Illonois

Joanne and Lin Richardson mailing autograph books from south of Chicago. If you requested an signed book, it’s on it’s way!
The Great 48 State Tour

Posting signed copies of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!