Today’s number of events have been exceptional. Every day seems to be loaded with challenges and victories.

Prepping the van for three months of travel has been fairly painless, however.

Here Joanne is arrange a hanger bar for our clothes that we have to hang up.

Preparing for Speaking Gigs

Normally I wouldn’t have any clothes occupy this bar, (I have my own plastic box) but I have to have good clothes for the upcoming speaking gigs!

Joanne is in the area of the van we call “The Garage.”

It really is cavernous, and will hold all the gear we need nice and dry, and out of the weather.

She has also been trying various bowls, pans, and coffee makers, all with an eye to being functional, and adding a bit of style added.

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 is shorter than a full sided four door pickup truck. So, every inch has to be utilized well to avoid clutter or we will be driven right out the space.

I often tell visitors, “We don’t live in these rigs, we live out of them.”

Capt Jack 48 State Tour 2017

Joanne Getting the Van Ready

A New Promotional Video too!

While working on the van, our daughter Kirdy is inside working on a new video. This will be trailer for the book coming out next week.

My daughter has made some amazing videos from less than ideal material. I say that with confidence as she had to interview me!

Oh my, watch for it, it should be out in less than twenty-hours.

Capt Jack 48 State Tour 2017

Fridge Magnets for the Tour

The Book – Getting the Publishing Right!

My new book, YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, was submitted and the proof copy was due at doorstep two days ago.

After missing the first day’s arrival, I got online and proof read it digitally.

I was taking chance, but we have no choice. The last changes were very minor, and won’t affect the layout.

We ordered a bunch of copies for our upcoming trip!

My book will go on sale Sept 13th. Mark your calendar!

Oh, and I will give you plenty of notice as well, too.

Promoting on the Road

The UPS truck did deliver our new door magnets for the Sprinter.

Joanne is pretty stoked as we started to load food, coffee, plenty of maps, and we got those door magnets on too!

Whatever you do just remember, “YOU CAN”T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!”

Capt Jack 48 State Tour 2017

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up